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Memories are like posters on the walls of our mind. When we first hang them, we love them. They have all of our favorite characters and movie stars, and scenes from places and people we love. We relish them, hang them like relics on the corridors of our soul, and we expect every passer-by to admire them. We do not realize that the significance of these posters is lost on everyone but ourselves, and maybe the few friends who helped us put them up. Soon cracks begin to appear on these posters. They become much dimmer. We grow frightful as their words become harder and harder to read. One day a certain poster gets ripped and we have to throw it away in frustration, knowing we will never again admire it. Sometimes the wall becomes too crowded, and we have to hang some posters on top of other less pretty ones. But the old good ones, like fine wine, only become better. Then one day we die, and someone walks into our apartment. He gives a passing glance at our posters. To him they’re meaningless, but deep down he is touched by our ghost.


The Talks

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I just want to get it across that even though this blog is written BY an insomniac, it is not necessarily ABOUT insomnia. I find insomnia to be a cool topic, but not my defining characteristic. Sorry.

With that in mind, it is perhaps noteworthy to say that my insomnia has become extra annoying lately. Last night I slept at 12:30. PM. That’s today afternoon, which means I stayed up all night doing nothing. And it’s not just last night either, this has been happening for the past week, and I absolutely hate it. But then again I love it when it’s so nice and quiet and no one bothers me, which is sort of the case at night.

I am becoming more and more addicted to brotherhood 2.0, this genius video blog by John and Hank Green. I am kind of jealous of them, and thinking of starting a video blog myself, but all in good time.

For now I’m gonna lie in bed and sleep. Or maybe not.


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There is an insurmountable pleasure that comes to those who witness dusk. The birth of a new day foretells new beginnings, and the cool morning air does well to soothe the nerves. To the lucky few, who sit on their balconies and watch the shop keepers emerge from their houses and head to their shops, life is very simple. It is not a matter of taste or fancy. It has nothing to do with pleasure or even happiness. It is simply an endless cycle, repetitive, that never ceases to be reborn, never dull and never the same. And in that endless cycle is a certain holiness, not because the world is round, not because it revolves around itself, but simply because it exists.

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This posts’s title is very creative. I feel that I ought to be high-fived by the whole internet right now.

This post is the very first post on my very first blog ( no kidding). It is also (as of now) the ONLY post. So its oneness really has two prevalent meanings.

Let us not be sidetracked by the apparent and the obvious. This blog is an attempt on my part to fill in my constant need for writing. Recently my imagination and inspiration have been clouded, my poetry has been laughable and my essays too self-referential. So I wanted to find an outlet for my conflicting thoughts, a place where I could write without a fear of consequences or judgement.

I don’t expect anybody to be reading this. And for the unlucky souls who happen across this in what I imagine must be a weird trek into the underbelly of the internet I apologize for my narcissism and my annoying tendency to start using big words at random. I am a nice person in real life. Promise.

What you need to know about me is that I love science and poetry, math and philosophy. I really think that life, in all its elements is beautiful, in the most non-hippy way possible. The rest, you will come to gather from what I say. That is, if you actually read this.

Finally, I have the most random need to say that “The Clash” is awesome. Even though it is not my favorite band, and even though I don’t agree with many things their lyrics say. I still believe their music is amazing.

Now that this is out of my system, let the fun commence.

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