Another F-ing Poem

I want to be dark and depressing. I want those who read this to perhaps lose a tiny glitter of hope that once shined among others in their heart. If this kills even one atom of optimism inside you, then it has served it’s purpose.
I really am an asshole.

A certain primal fear

As disaster nears

It is fairly known to some

That laughter follows tears

If only it was said

On some, or other day

That beauty is forsaken

Then beauty will appear

Until we lose all hope we won’t

Succeed we won’t

Come near

Happiness; we won’t

Be seen with a smile

It’s not that

Life is dear

It’s just that death brings about

This fear

Your life, all before you

Seems empty

And somehow your recollections

Have no meaning

And you know

That on some dark day you’ll die and just

Like everyone else you’ll be


Life, which was once so dear


Void of meaning and it seems

That there is no way for retribution

That you shall forever be destined

To die

And on that cursed deathbed

You find

True peace is not in fighting but

In giving up

In order to see the beauty

Of life we must adhere

To one


All that we see

Is fleeting and

Once we live it

It’s dead


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