Exploring form

I want to explore form:


Perhaps it’s seduction; perhaps it’s attraction; perhaps he’s pretty

And I’m just a virgin

I look upon him, with eyes of passion

He looks upon me; perhaps it’s attraction


Like a dusk only lacking a sunset he eyed me

And in his reflection, I could tell that

He loved me

He left me ten and seven, not a virgin

No virtue

I could tell him, I hate him, but somehow

That’s not true


He eyed me like a sunset

Only lacking a sunset

I could tell that,

In his manner,

That he loved me,

From the onset.

I could swear it,

I could breath it,

I could sigh it,

I could dream it.

I could write it- with my own blood

I could swear it

I could breath it.


Yet somehow

I know now

That he was


I could tell that

In his bloodshot


I could see that

He left me

No virtue

He left me

I know that


And Love

And passion

And more

And lust






Oh dear God



No longer

I’m no longer

He left me no virtue

In his eyes I could see that

He loved me, no more than

He loved his drinks and cigarettes

Like a dawn that breaks apart and shatters

All mornings seem dull now; He broke me I’m useless


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