Excuse me if I make too many unintelligible references. I’m only publishing this because I like it, not because it’s supposed to make any sense to anyone except one person.


If thunderstorms and angel bones are all that you desire

Then pack your suitcase missy and allow me to reveal

The reason I am smiling when I tell you I am here

For if the ocean’s blue and green

And if the twilight’s gray

And if the gray-haired poet runs out of nice things to say

And if the taxi driver gets lost when on his way

Then you have found a home inside my heart this very day

And on this dusty doorstep where we sat and waited for 50 minutes 

For your brother and your sister to be done with school

And for those wet stone steps that carried us downtown

When you told me you’d remember me even if I’m dead

And for those sweet desires and those dreams inside our heads

For those two young children who held hands when all was said

For that and for your white skin I say and I repeat

That I have not, on this old Earth, found prettier than your hands

And if one day we fail to see

And if we meet in Dutch cities

And if we don’t 

And if I walk you into Times Square and see the joy on your face

And if you show me where they make the cheese in your village

Or if we don’t 

Or if I marry a TV star called Mary

Who has a late night show 

And brown eyes that lack a sparkle 

And has sweet palms that feel too loose

Or perhaps too tight in mine

And has no blemishes on her face

And 20/20 vision

Or if you marry Thomas, that boy who’s voice is loud

And who never fears ghosts

Or if I die today and never see if your daughter has that same embarrassing laugh as you

Then maybe the ship was far too thin for Archimedes upthrust

And maybe the stars are fire

But you and me

We cannot see

And we would sink the ship

And we would burn our fingertips


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