Warm Sweaters

happy holidays everyone



I regret

I have not done much but I regret

For I was born at a golden seat:

Cities, golden cities, at my feet

To be beholden; I was born in

Silver spoons and tapestries

And christmas trees and city streets,

Golden city streets, to be beholden

At my feet


All I’ve seen of heaven 

Is that heaven, and not hell’s outside my door

All I’ve known of life, is department stores
and parquet floors

I have never met a starving whore

I have never seen a boy, not yet eleven

Shooting cocaine inside his veins

And a rifle at the rival gang who lives next door


I regret that I’ve not seen

A starving child

And I’ve not heard

A crying widow

And I’ve only rubbed

Alcohol on my wounds

Not cloth on the floor of lords


All I’ve seen of war 

Are pictures of swords

And Roman legions in their gracious might

Not battle wounds and orphaned sons

Not airplanes that kill you before
you hear them

And shattered homes and misery

And crying helpless mothers

I have not truly seen hunger or thirst 

All the world’s rivers lead to my sink

And my puppy dog has seen

more showers than some human beings


I have cried for girls who did not want to go to junior prom

And baseball teams who settled for second place

That cursed second place!

I have cried for broken toys
and bullied boys on TV shows

Not darkness and despair
as I was being dragged by my hair
and sold, to feed my siblings’ burning hunger

Oh that burning hunger

I regret that I am free

It is my guilt that I am free

I am enslaved by this freedom

Curse that freedom; I don’t want to listen
I don’t want to see


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