Random Ramblings of An Insomniac in Love

Had I known more

Or not known more

I would have thought to say


That if you calleth beauty then

It shall be on its way


For on the rainy streets we walked

And the bottoms of your jeans

Were wettened by the asphalt


And the bottoms of your jeans

Were wettened by the puddles


They were

Wettened by your tears

And the asphalt of your heart was stepped upon


By high heeled shoes and make up and perfume

And debauchery on a night were drunkards buzzed by


And the silence in one’s eyes

And the smiles of brown girls as they wave goodbye


That sly

That heathen that dismayed

Lonely king of heaven, that puritan that perfectionist


The violinist of my chords brings

And takes away


I have seen and never seen

Such gracefulness in your sway



High-pitched voices and a bouquet

Of vanilla orchids wrapped and served on crème brulee

Your voice is all I seek

Your soothing voice come talk come to me come talk


I have seen and never seen such beauty such decay

The imperfections glistening in the sunshine

The scars the bloody tissues

The granite statues of goddesses and angels they portray


Your eyes were never shiny

They were black like coal and your hair

Was never clean

It was always fuzzy

Your socks were dirtied by the dusty floor


You drank more water than I’ve ever seen




And you were perfect


Like a love song out of key


Like a beautiful princess who was missing two teeth


Like a sweaty frog on a summer’s eve

And a summer’s pond on a summer’s eve

And the swimmers ponder on a summer’s eve


Our love was like an unfinished tale written in chalk on tarmac


And the rain would cry as it tore our love apart


And your father owned a rifle and he would smile


And I would be scared but you would hold my hand


And if I ever wondered how many stars there are



You would say to me that I am your only star



And I would whisper


Songs about a love that never was

And stories of a maiden who never should be

And you would look at me with eyes of wisdom and smile and pat my hand  and tell me that you love me and that you will always love me

And I would wonder why



And afternoons would stretch so long and you would come to play in our yard

And our mothers would converse

And I would dig a hole in my back yard

And we would look for bugs

And I would hold the bug in my hand

And you would try to look so brave

Perhaps you’d be as brave as me

But secretly I would be trying to be brave as you


And we would walk to cliffs and make love in the moonlight

And I would drive away at midnight and you would stay alone


And we would fight

And you would cry

And when you’d go I would cry


And I would kick myself for loving you

And you would love me too


In my life

I hope I see you smile


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