To Extend the Metaphor

Water always finds a way to seep through the tiny holes 

There is always a chance your socks will get wet on rainy days

And tough exteriors hide what others may call weakness

But we both can tell which lies to tell and which lies to keep away


So picking at your interior felt somewhat intrusive at first

Like taking layers off of onions, little by little revealing,

At the cost perhaps of my own sanity, your inner beauty

Unmasking what’s as sweet as the innards of a banana

And what at times is as grotesque as what animal hides hide


Knowing you, and knowing me, there’s a chance I might be dreaming

There’s a chance that our imperfections add up to just too much 

There’s a chance that we love each other way too much and that

Our self-deception on it’s own is what keeps our souls intact


But think of all the hidden pleasures beyond the plateau of our collective insecurities 

Think about this like the most expensive and most rewarding lottery ticket 

Think about the beauty that our puzzle pieces would create,  

Even if they do not fit so perfectly


The winter, I have learned, or tried to learn

Is very cold and my brown coat is far too large, and it is impossible 

To stay warm in such a large coat but once I wrapped it around the both of us

It felt for a tiny second so warm and cozy



We are, I’ve found, both too afraid of truths

Even when truths are all what’s keeping us from hurdling down a mountain which is too difficult to scale

But contemplation and wishful thinking has lead me to believe

That I’d rather have you than the summit to myself



And some part of me is sure that I am lying to myself

And some part of you is sure that you are lying to yourself

But it is perhaps this fact that makes the task at hand so intuitive

It is in fact my unease that makes me think that this is right


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