Once Upon a Time

Once upon a time I’m told

You were more fair and far less old

And I was brave

And I fear’d not

To hold your hand

And it was not such a frightful process


Now time, I’m told

Bends heads and makes people do

What they might resent

And it breaks the greatest of men


Time, I’ve heard,

Can make you do things you thought you might not

And this time, I’m gonna give this time thing a try

I’m gonna hold you closer to me less fearfully

And wait

And wait until out hearts beat synchronously

And defy

This world


Because time has shaped you, but I refuse

To be shaped again

And time has broken me

But I am still composed of the same sameness that always spread itself still throughout me


And a timeless scream

And a plethora of words

Will only serve to make us kneel




Until the sand between our knees

Needs not an introduction

And I may be broken but you

Will find a way to piece me together

And this, my love, this is our life

And so the story ends


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