–       I think if you look carefully you’ll find, that the object you are looking at is not quite what it appears.

–       Oh, I didn’t feel you come in here; what a surprise!

–       My friend, I think it’s quite prevalent that I am never expected, but do tell me, did you like my artifact?

–       Yes, I think it is quite lovely

–       And what do you reckon it is?

–       It looks like a mirror, a very fancy one mind you.

–       And you, I assume, have seen many mirrors before

–       I have

–       So why are you drawn in such a manner to an object of which you’ve seen many before?

–       I don’t quite know

–       Ah, herein lies the paradox

–       You said that it is not quite what appears

–       I did

–       And what did you mean?

–       I find that all things are not what they appear

–       But this is obviously a mirror

–       And how would you define a mirror?

–       It is smooth surface that reflects light

–       And does it?

–       Well I see my reflection in it

–       But is it?

–       Is what?

–       Is that your reflection

–       Why yes

–       Would you be surprised if I say that the person in that mirror is living, breathing, and an exact replica of yourself? He has lived his entire life unaware that he is inside that alleged mirror. What you hold in your hand is a gateway, into his prison. And he holds in his hands a gateway out.

–       You almost made me believe your insidious lies. This is absurd.

–       That is not the reaction I expected

–       What did you expect?

–       I expected you to ask how I knew that he was the one imprisoned, and you were the one free

–       And how would you know?

–       Well I do not, but perhaps the copy of me inside the prison might. Pray do hand me the gateway. There we go, I see my imprisoned self, he looks quite handsome. Me is saying something; I cannot hear him. Maybe he should write me. I must move my hand so he can move his. Luckily I have a piece of paper. He is writing.

–       What does it say?

–       I can’t read it inside; it looks like it’s mirrored. Maybe I should read the one my hand was compelled to write.

–       What does it say?

–       “Neither of us are free, we are both imprisoned inside a short dialogue, a short-lived universe that will die off in one sentence”

–       Ha-ha very funny, I am sick and tired of your jokes.


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