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Two thin and crusty autumn leaves
Fell to the ground; two lifeless sheets
From there, fell broken, withered, dry,
Where globes, eternal, roam the sky
A tale so spun, so God conceives,
So heaven gives, so Earth receives
A soft prophetic lullaby
A day to live, a day to die
And down where Earthly things are bound,
A shoot naively breaks the ground
A worm in silence makes its way
As magpies sing to pass their day



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I haven’t posted in a while. So here is an apologetic poem:

Rhythmic pulsating beatings

Of that veinful organ,

Tearful organism

Come eat dinner

You need dinner

You’re not dead; she is

You’re thinner

Than she is

You’re crying worse

Than she was

When you hit her:

Rhythmic pulsating beatings

Of that vengeful organ donor,

Tearful organism

Careful organism

She is irretrievable

As she always were

As you’re more than aware

Don’t be dumber

Than she was

Loving her now

As she loved you then

Your beating arm can’t hurt her now

Your beating heart can hurt you

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